Friday, October 26, 2012

iphone 5 features

iphone 5 features

iphone 5 best new features and functions you can enjoy it.

When you use iphone 5, you will find a several of new features. You will enjoy this these features and functions. These features and functions will help any owner of any small business to do his work in best way.

The screen is larger, in this screen (4-inch) you can see a lot of information.

The network speed is faster, the downloads of email and the browsing of web is much faster, you will fell with this fast.

In iphone 5 you will find the Speakers and Audio is best, when you use iphone 5 in calls you will notice an improvement.

iphone 5 camera, when you use the camera of iphone 5, you will find an improvement. When you talk a picture, you will notice speed of the camera.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

iphone 5 release date

iphone 5 release date

iphone 5 release date, apple Announced in United stats a new phone on September 21 called iphone 5

apple has shown iphone 5 in San Francisco in a conference, this iphone is slimmer and increased the battery life. Now anyone can buy iphone 5. this phone has many features than the previous iphones. It's a beautiful product. When you see it you fell that you need to get one. Now you can found it in the most countries and any where. This new device has many good specifications. It's built and designed high quality. It's a thin smartphone with 7.6 mm depth. And this device weighs 112 grams.